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Property Management

We offer professional and unique property management and judicial Receivership services, relying on the latest technological programs and a specialized team that turns your property into a superior investment.

Property Valuation

We adhere to global standards, providing you with a property appraisal according to the requirements set by the Saudi Appraisers Authority. This ensures you receive a high-quality service.

Real Estate Studies

Arkan Albeit team is responsible for conducting field surveys to gather and analyze data supporting real estate research. This process helps select the best potentials to achieve outstanding results for any realistic and executable real estate project with high efficiency and effective economic feasibility. Legal procedures are also carried out.

Development and Project Management

Arkan Albeit Developments outlines the optimal plan for managing your real estate projects with efficiency ensuring a comprehensive balance among project elements. This is facilitated by a highly efficient administrative and engineering team operating according to the standards of the American Project Management Institute. Project owners are kept informed of the project execution mechanism and stages step by step.

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