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About Arkan Albeit

Arkan Albeit Developments was established in 2008 by businessman Fahd Ben Muhammad Al-Saqoub. It started with an idea, then diligent work, thought, leadership, and continuous development. The beginning was with a small office in the Aziziyah neighborhood, and today Arkan Albeit is one of the most important companies in Development and investment services. and We looking forward to more…

Our Goals

Arkan Albeit aspires to be the premier company specializing in Development investment in the Saudi real estate Market. Our commitment lies in providing secure and well-thought-out investment opportunities, striving to achieve optimal financial returns within a dynamic, stable, and appealing work environment. We are dedicated to attaining excellence in the realm of real estate services and marketing over the long term, guided by a set of strategic targets.

We place great emphasis on the development and marketing of real estate products tailored to our client's preferences and financial capacities. Our mission involves delivering specialized and distinguished real estate services grounded in experience, practical knowledge, and adherence to international standards and academic scientific foundations.

Our primary objective is to secure the best and highest returns for our investors through prudent and secure guidance of investments. We prioritize the establishment of enduring business relationships with all our clients and strategic allies.

We actively contribute to societal development by offering social and entrepreneurial services. Our vision extends to becoming a prominent player in the Saudi real estate market, positioning ourselves at the forefront of companies specializing in investing, and developing communities.

Mission & Vision

Objectives and Aspirations

Arkan Albeit aspires to be the foremost and leading company in the real estate development sector, positioned at the forefront of companies specializing in investment in real estate Saudi Market. This is achieved through providing secure and well-thought-out investment opportunities and realizing optimal financial returns within a stimulating and stable work environment.


Deliver high-quality real estate services and communities that align with the needs of our clients. We aim to contribute to the development of the real estate perspective and promote community partnership by constructing and developing modern urban communities with the comprehensive vision of the Kingdom.

Values and Commitment

We apply high standards commitment programs for our employees, emphasizing the importance of global work ethics and continuous skill development. Our commitment to the values of credibility and professionalism constitutes the cornerstone of our foundation.

Chairman's Message

The real estate sector stands out as one of the most promising economic sectors and a fundamental means for development and progress in the Saudi Kingdom. It is an integral part of the comprehensive vision for the Kingdom 2030. Therefore, we continually strive for excellence and uniqueness in our projects and services. Our company adheres to global standards with a local perspective, aiming to be among the leading companies in the Kingdom of KSA that contribute to the success and development of the Saudi real estate market and achieve growth for a prosperous future for our generous nation.

Fahad Mohammed Al-Saqqoub

Chairman of the Board


Omar Babelghait


AbdulAziz AlHabsi

Marketing and Sales Manager

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